How Diamonds are Mined


The Engelbert family traveled to South Africa in 2000 for an exclusive tour of the Kimberly Diamond Mines. Jewelers from all over the world have embarked on the tour, but few are able to make the trip. The trip is really the epitome of a jeweler's career and the Engelberts were overjoyed that the entire family could go together for this exciting opportunity.

The tour shows jewelers the extensive process of how a diamonds are mined and cut – from the earth to the showroom. The Engelberts were able to descend 209 stories down into the earth to the mines to see how they are harvested from below and brought to the surface through an intricate system. Following the diamonds to the Harry Oppenheimer House, where sorting, faceting, bruting and hand polishing were bestowed on each diamond by the foremost diamond experts in the world.

The Engelberts were given a first hand view of the process and a much deeper understanding of diamond mining that they have brought back with them and that they share with their customers every day.

Engelberts Jewelers has been bringing Central New York exquisite diamonds for over 100 years.



South Africa was a once in a lifetime trip (hopefully twice!) with one diamond vender. Antwerp has multiple diamond dealers so the options are infinite. We have the ability to look at 1000's of diamonds a day. We can pick and choose the BEST for our customers. There is a diamond district in Antwerp where there are diamond dealers, gem labs, schools, shippers. Anything you might need in the diamond business is there.